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Dr. Alexander Koof



Alexander is specialised in agrochemical and biocide law. His practise focus on administrative law in the agrochemical and biocide sector. He advises in plant protection law with a regulatory affairs focus. Alexander co-Heads the focus group agrochemicals.

In 2018, he successfully participated in the specialist attorney course in intellectual property law.

He is a member of the German Red Cross.

Alexander speaks German and English.




Specialist lectures:

  • „Copyright law and research funding“, research with tailwind, 28 March 2011, University of Bonn


  • Compensatory Application Provisions of Plant Protection Products to Protect Biodiversity, European Journal of Risk Regulation - in publication
  • Impact of Brexit on zonal approval procedures and mutual recognition procedures in plant protection legislation, European Journal of Risk Regulation
  • Brexit: Auswirkungen des Austritts des Vereinigten Königreichs aus der Europäischen Union auf zonale Zulassungsverfahren und Verfahren der gegenseitigen Anerkennung im Pflanzenschutzmittelrecht, StoffR 4-2019, 189
  • Pflanzenschutzrechtliche Anwendungsbestimmungen zum Schutze der Biodiversität - Rechtliche Bewertung von Anwendungsbestimmungen zur Vorhaltung von Biodiversitätsausgleichsflächen, AUR 8-2019, 286
  • Authorisation of plant protection products in the zonal authorisation procedure - Comment on Administrative Court of Braunschweig, Judgement of 12.04.2018, case 9 A 44/16, StoffR 2018, 205
  • The Conflict between the Broadcasting Right and the Right of Making Available to the Public, Tübingen 2015
  • National Report: Questionnaire – Boundaries and Interfaces, Reply of the German ALAI Group, Association littéraire et artistique internationale, 2011 (together Matthias Leistner, Manuel Kleinemenke, Stefan Koroch)


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